Changement modele de lettre

Comment fonctionne l’éditeur pour faire des changements dans la lettre client

Je suis désolé mais je viens de vérifier la version française de la documentation et les pages de l’éditeur de modèles n’ont pas été traduites.

Je vais essayer de copier un lien vers une version traduite par Google du manuel en anglais.

Could someone from Trilogy please ensure that the manual is translated into French? The French version of the manual is sorely lacking with updates.

Hi @TimParris, we are have not updated the English user manual since 2017. And we are not going to this year either. The full library of our help content resides on the website and it is kept up-to-date more efficiently there.

For a printable PDF this year, we produced a 50-page training workbook in both langages for the seminars this year. You can download them there:


These 50-page workbooks contain information on key topics with search terms to find related topics and videos on our website.

We are continuing to work on translating the 400+ English help pages into French. You can expect to see more to come in the new year.

As a note on this topic, I will see if we can prioritize translating the Template Editor topics on our website for translation sooner than other topics.

@jeannilmarseille_1 - Pour traduire ce que Elizabeth vient de dire, elle a fourni un lien vers un manuel en français contenant les renseignements de l’éditeur. Les details commencer sur page 42.

Je remarque qu’il y a des pages en anglais qui ne sont pas traduites. J’ai fait remarquer que le manuel en ligne français ne correspond pas au manuel en ligne anglais. Je vais également signaler ce problèmeavec le PDF.

En passant, je pense que Mayse au support est parfaitement bilingue.

@Elizabeth - I noticed that page 42 of the PDF manual, (Template Outlines) is not available in the French Manual. That part also looks new to me.

@TimParris Oui, cette page du manuel n’est pas en français puisque cette fonctionnalité est toute neuve et même pas disponible en anglais. Par contre, on a inclut des pages et du contenu sur la préparation des déclarations du Québec qui ne figurent pas dans le manuel anglais.

Merci a vous deux, j’étais parti en vacances et je vais essayer l’information fournie……merci beaucoup Tim

I like the 2019 version of the manuals as an adjunct to the many and varied other website resource.

I would appreciate a legend and/or a tag or search term to help me the full suite of help or manual references to blocks of capabilities such as:-

TaxCycle Settings
TaxCycle Options Module
TaxCycle Letters and Templates
TaxCycle Custom Fields
TaxCycle T1 Module
TaxCycle T2 Module
TaxCycle T3 Module
TaxCycle Forms Module
TaxCycle Workflow
Client Manager Module
DoxCycle Module
Migrating TaxCycle, DoxCycle, Client Manager
New Features T1 2019
New Features T2 2019

Right now if I have a topic that I don’t understand, it takes me a long time just to figure out what are all my available training resources, which apply now, and which resource has the answer to my question or the step by step instructions to gaining a new skill.

I guess were are spoiled for choice with all the great and valuable resources but limited by time and urgency of need to figure out which resource or set of resources best fit if what to uncover, implement, and master a new skill.

Perhaps you might consider some why to fast track the finding of categories or groupings of topics.

In my website creation course we have separate web pages for each high level topic with links, a short description of the what is contained in each link, and a prerequisite skill that we will need before tackling that video. In the case of this course, there around 10 course sections. Each course section has a downloadable PDF and Excel version of the section’s links and topics. Each section has 7 to 12 videos or other resources. We work on the course materials inside our student are with our WP template loaded. We work through 5 to 7 WordPress templates plus multiple plugins as we develop our website. The entire course has as summary downloadable PDF and Excel version of these links and topics. In total there are more than 100 videos and mini modules. So these index tools are very well used. We also have three search features - keyword, course, and course section. This makes it really fast and easy to find either just the right video and/or a list of all the videos, pdfs, and web pages.

This methodology makes it easy to master a complex topic in small bit-sized chunks.

Maybe there is a way to make it easy to master the breadth and depth of the TaxCyle, DoxCyle, Forms, Client Manager, Options, Settings, Letters, and Custom Fields in small bit-sized chunks as well.