TaxCycle Permissions Poll - Looking for feedback

We are working on a TaxCycle cloud based feature that would allow you to set permissions for your staff and/or by staff member. Some obvious areas where we thought we could set permissions are related to client files by type(view/edit), ability to EFILE, ability to lock or unlock files.

Would being able to set permissions for how your staff use TaxCycle be useful for you in your practice?

  • Yes
  • No - All staff can have all permissions
  • No - I do not have staff
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If you answered yes above, what are some of the permissions you would like to see available that you would find helpful in your tax practice? Please drop in your comments below.

I have always done the efiling and am not ready to give up that phase to staff. If there were client files in the cloud, I would want the ability to limit the download of files by staff to a local computer and limit printing file information. I see the benefits of the cloud but am leery about security concerns … mine and my clients’. Much like the history tab, I would want access to a log of activity on files.

I guess I’m wondering why you would just allow setting permissions for staff in the cloud? Am I to assume the client files would be in the cloud, too?

I would want permission around roles: preparer, reviewer, admin. For each of those roles, there would be permissions around deleting files, locking and unlocking files, efiling, download & printing, sharing and/or enabling access by external parties, accessing audit/history log, and such.

At a basic level, I would want to be able to enforce MFA for all users (with an option to 'remember device for 30 days" or such).

I would like to restrict all types of filing - AuthReps, T183s, information returns (T4/T5), etc. unless I have reviewed the information myself. I would like there to be a way to allow staff to file an AuthRep if I have signed off on it somehow, and then EFILE returns only after I have signed off “second review” or something like that.

This poll will remain open only until January 31, 2024. If you haven’t already voted and/or added your comments, please do so before the poll closes.

Hey all, last day to get your voice heard on this poll. Please drop by and vote if you have not already done so.

No - small office we all use the program and all its areas.