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TaxCycle & Final Year of Farming

TaxCycle will not allow me to ‘tick’ the box, Final Year of Farming. Anyone have an idea as to why this would be?

You must enter the last date of farm operation, sometime before the 31st of the December. I think you can then tick the box.

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I appreciate your reply but the software will not allow me to change the year end date, only the start date of the fiscal year. When I try to tick the ‘Yes’ box for Final Year of Farming, the box blinks grey. Not sure what else to try.

Under “Fiscal period” “Type” select “Closing business”.


Thank you Arliss but that still will not allow me to tick of the ‘Final Year of Farming’ box. That box needs to be ticked.

Works for me. In fact when selected the box ticks off automatically.

Perhaps you have an override on it accidentally? If you press the F2 key on the blinking box it would remove an override or you could hover over the box and click on “Remove the override” - if issues persist contact us at 1-888-841-3040 and someone could help troubleshoot the file in question.

~ Rob

Thank you again Arliss. I was typing ‘Closing Business’ in the wrong spot. I’ve re-read and followed your instructions. I have selected it from the dropdown box, and yes, it works. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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