T5008 - Loss deemed to be nil option

We would like the “Loss deemed to be nil” option be made available for T5008s too and not just on the S3M.


Mr. Cameron Peters - I posted this request in March 2018. I have been in contact with TaxCycle over the years to see if this option was going to be made available and kept getting the reply that it was being looked into or we are considering it or we can see what we can do for 2021.

I don’t see where it is in the 2021 T1 Module that we can choose on the T5008 for the Loss deemed to be nil. Perhaps, I missed the instruction in one of the updates? Or if it isn’t in the plans to add this feature, I can remove this follow up off my task list.

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patience is a virtue. :smile:

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I’m trying! :crazy_face: