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T4RIF entered but not showing

I’m concerned that I’ve entered a T4RIF and it isn’t showing under other income. Its entered correctly but it isn’t showing. The taxes deducted seem to show. I have to override the system to get it to add into the income. This receipt has been there for years so it should be there. Any ideas.

Attributed to spouse possibly?

It turned out that instead of going on line 130 like past years it got combined on line 115. Took a lot to figure where it went.

After reading your concern, I checked one of my client’s returns with T4RIF and the amount from box 16 of T4RIF is transferred correctly to line 115 and on Line 314 S1. Its working fine for me.

Manjinder Buttar

It seems likely the client turned 65 during the year, which would explain why the income is now being reported on line 115 rather than 130.