T4RIF box 24 Error Message

I am entering a T4RIF received by the husband. The T4RIF is reporting the deceased wife’s RRIF balance transferred to the husband on death. The program’s message for box 24 asks if you want to claim it as a withdrawal, a transfer to an RRSP, or a transfer to a RRIF. If you choose the “transfer to a RRIF” it puts the number in the RRSP box; if you choose “transfer to a RRSP” it puts the number in the RRIF box.

I think I am understanding you correctly, and I have the same situation. In my case it seems to be reporting it correctly.

My experience exactly - I was going to note it after April, but you’ve saved me that step.

Thanks for pointing this out. We had reversed the message references for the 2 QuickFixes.
This change will be in our next release, likely late next week.

Ah, the quick fix. I guess I wasn’t using that quick fix.

If I had known it was called a quick fix my original post would have been much more brief.