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T4 - Box 42 Employment commissions

A client works in a barbershop and she received a T4 slip. 90% of box 14 is reported in box 42 - Employment commission. She buys her material (Nails, glue, etc) to do the work. Can this person claims material expenses using T777? I couldn’t see any line to claim her expenses except line 9270 - Other expenses. Thanks

Yes they can claim their material expenses on T777 but they also must get a T2200 Declaration of Condition of Employment signed by their employer. If the employer won’t sign then no deduction. You can enter the expenses on either line 8810 or 9270.

Yes I am aware of the T2200.
I think box 9270 should be used for the expenses since box 8810 is used for office supplies.
Thanks for your reply.