Clients with T777 and T777S Form

It’s come up where a client has vehicle expenses to claim, plus claiming the simplified method for the covid-19 working at home deduction. The software only lets you select one form or the other. Is there a way to add both without having to override the “deductions” worksheet to include both?



No idea why you would consider this a bug of the software?
Seems to be a feature, preventing a mistake.

CRA Guide T4044 states that to do what you are trying to do is not allowed.

Check Employment expenses guide T4044 for what may be able to be claimed, and how.

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Interesting thanks. Just thought it was odd that because an employee has a T2200 signed for reasons other than office use of home, she is not allowed to claim the simplified method. It says she’s eligible to use it, but since there’s a t2200 signed, they would need to use a T777. I guess the detailed method is the only choice!

On the T777S form - for claiming the home office use of $2.00 a day. Where do we record this? under other? I think I am missing something?

Sorry to bother, I found it. Thank you

I have the same situation & found the following on CPA blog addressing eligibility & criteria for flat rate method (confirming you are correct):

  • employees who want to claim other employment expenses, such as employment-related auto expenses, must use the detailed method