T3010 rc7066

Would it be possible to add the RC7066-SCH Provincial Schedule - GST/HST Public Service Bodies’ Rebate
form to the T3010?

A lot of times I am adding this on separately to complete the filing for a charity.

Thanks for the suggestion…I have made a note to add it in for the T3010 when we update the module for the next year.

~ Rob

CRA have also changed their reporting requirements to 6 month periods from the annual reporting for the Public Service Bodies. You may want to remove the override on the “Period covered by this application” on Part B as this will now have to be applied in two reporting periods, Jan-June and July-December.

What would be really helpful for record keeping is the ability to create two copies of the GST66 and RC7066, one for each reporting period.

In the interest in fairness, they are actually enforcing the act rather than changing their requirements. They administratively allowed annual reporting and have stopped.