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T3 module


When will the T3 module be released?


Their Release version webpage has been revised from the T3 Release being early 2015 to now saying T3 preview late February 2015. No comment on the T3 certified version.

We are certainly anxiously awaiting it ourselves as we have a growing number of clients looking for their T3 returns.


We are working fast and furious on the T3 right now. The preview should be ready in the next week or so. You’ll be able to begin data entry at that point. Then, as quick as we can get it certified after that, we’ll have it for you.


The forms are already certified… so we won’t be waiting on CRA for much. It’s mostly working through the allocations schedules and calculations - CRA doesn’t certify that or require any test case submissions for T3.

~ Cameron

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Is there any updated ETA on the T3 module? From Elizabeth’s comments a couple weeks ago, thought we’d at least have preview release by now; have clients starting to get anxious and will need to switch to ‘the other guys’ pretty soon :frowning:


I agree, I have several clients expecting us to have their T3s done, its only one month to the deadline and we are anxious to get started.


Preview will come tomorrow, filing version next week.

We’re hoping that everyone will do initial data entry in the preview and provide feedback so we can sort out any last minute issues before we release the filing version.

Thanks to all for your patience and support.

~ Cameron


It’s out :slight_smile: Maybe been a bit, just spotted it. :slight_smile:


Have a client on my back…

How imminent is the release, or is that still an unknown?


Preview release is there, so you can get started. Filing version should be early next week.

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@Elizabeth, we are held up from even using the T3 preview due to lack of carry forward ability. I posted earlier asking if there is or will be a way to carry forward from the TaxPrep T3, but haven’t had a response yet. Do you know the status of TaxPrep carry forward in T3?


Hi @matthew. The Taxprep T3 carry forward won’t be in for this year’s filing season.


Thanks for that info @Elizabeth. There was a comment on the T4 T5 that there was a way to import into that module from an XML from TaxPrep. Is there a way to achieve that with the T3 module (before we start re-keying data)?


Have it sitting print ready



We will have a quick look at what is possible to import xml. We’ll look at that tomorrow. Unfortunately the same engineers that will look at xml import are looking at your network / TaxCycle / DoxCycle linking issue. We’re taking the linking/networking issue as our first priority and we appreciate your help and technical insight in getting that one solved. (on that note, we have a new hypothesis about how to solve that and will be contacting you very shortly).

~ Cameron

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Glad to see the T3 filing version is now available (and it looks like the TaxCycle / DoxCycle linking issue has been fixed, based on my test of that tonight). So, of course, my question is: is an xml import for T3 in the cards for this season?

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Printed my first T3. Notice that it does not fill all the requisite fields in the RC59 though…



I see that in RC59 in the T3 module, telephone numbers in Part 2 are not calculating. So, we fixed these and these will be included in the auto update release today. Other than that, RC59 seems to be working as expected.

The telephone number fields what you were referring to?


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I want to do this. Our best candidate for doing this work is wrapping up T5013 xml right now. Once that is done, we’ll take a look.

~ Cameron

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We are working on this now. Watch this space!

~ Cameron

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