T1 Template - due date

Due date for filing the personal (non-business) tax return for 2021 should NOT be April 30, 2022 (Saturday) but May 2, 2022 (Monday).

I believe that the Pre-season template needs to be modified.


i have may 2 as the filing date

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Pre-season letter says April 30
All the rest appear to be correct with May 2 coming up.

@Cameron My addressee has 2 periods after the Salutation though (Mr… and Mrs…) How do I get rid of one?

@atul Looks like we need to hook the pre-season template up to the due dates on the Engagement worksheet so this doesn’t happen when years are like this. I’ll take a look.

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@dklassencga Don’t insert periods when entering the title in this field and it will be fine. They are already in the templates:

@Elizabeth Must have been a hangover from Studio Tax when I came here - the ones with a period are on my drop down list (not anymore though) Thanks!

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@Elizabeth Will there be a paragraph added to the letter template in regards to the Climate Action Incentive quarterly payments? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it is there now but have to change so it come out will be in the next release

@paul and @pugs1
It is coming in the very next release. We adjusted the wording and the condition to reflect the quarterly payments. It should be in the very next release.

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@atul The post-season letter and pre-season letters will change in the release after next. I just missed the deadline for the change. If you need it sooner in either letter, I would suggest going in an editing the template for this year only.

@Elizabeth …Hello and thanks! Would it be possible to have some kind of payment breakdown similar to the info given to taxpayer in the GST/HST paragraph.

At this point, the letter reflects the total in estimated payments for 2022-23, as calculated in the area on the S14. Unless it is broken down on the form, it’s not straightforward to include in the letter.

@paul I just found we’re adding the breakdown of CAI to the S14. However, we won’t be able to complete the breakdown of payments in the letter in time. That will come in the release following.

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