T1 Planner / Capital Losses

I inserted the 2018 T1 value into the planner. I noticed that the tax was different than on the T1. Upon looking more carefully, I noticed that the capital losses realized by the taxpayer were showing as a negative value on the capital gains line. I assume this is an oversight since the losses wouldn’t be deductible in this situation.

Just a thought, but is it possible you have entered a date of death for the client in your planner?

The only way I seem to be able to get the T1 Planner to produce a negative value on line 127 is if I kill the client. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good thought but I have the client still alive and kicking. She’s a new client so she’s not on the “Clients I’d Like To Kill” list … yet. :grinning:

Maybe it’s just to alert you to the fact that there are capital losses available in 2019? Just thought it was odd.