Deceased taxpayer, unused capital loss carryforward

I tried to efile a deceased return today, for someone who had unused Capital Losses carried forward, and it was rejected due to an inconsistency in how I was reporting the Losses vs what CRA had on file. The total is correct, but the sub-groupings appear to be wrong.

In all past returns, there has not been an issue relating to adjusting the losses for the inclusion rate(s), as they were all current. This one was different.

How does one accumulate/report the loss history into the correct groupings on the top of the NetCapLoss worksheet?

…going to end up paper-filing to get it in on time.

Or try Efile help desk
I have one where we claimed cap loss against other income for 2018
Claim Denied once, called and CRA agreed was error but needed T1ADJ.
Files that, denied again. Call again and admit error and file T1ADJ again denied
Can’t get clearance to settle the estate.
Extremely frustrating but seems only recourse is to object

Dan Chun, CPA, CGA