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ONS11 Tuition transfer optimization bug

I reported a bug today in the tuition transfer that causes the amount transferred on the student’s ON S11 to disagree with the amount reported on the parent’s return. Simply opening, saving, closing and reopening the family return changes the family refund and the tuition transfer amount. It can also show a different amount in the reduction of the carry-forward tuition on ONS11, so that the student’s carry-forward tuition is incorrect. Tech support said to turn off tuition transfer optimization and manually override to enter the right amounts. I’m hoping a fix will be forthcoming soon, but in the meantime, I plan to carefully check and recheck Ontario tuition transfers. In my case today, I believe it has to do with the Ontario tax reduction calculation as this family’s parent is close to zero Ontario tax after the tuition transfer and the Ontario tax reduction.

Optimization seems to be a problem sometimes. I think it is because of all the many scenarios involved.