T1 adjustment during a review

Hi All,
I have a client who received a review letter at the same time as receiving the approved DTC for her disabled mother who lives with her. I would like to adjust her return for the DTC transfer but do I need to wait until after the review is completed? I have a feeling this review will not go our way as the client does not have all of the supporting docs required. Can I remove the claim in question (the credit being reviewed) through the same adjustment request or will that cause confusion with the review process?

In dealings with the CRA of late I think this KISS principle should be applied.

Try to obtain supporting documents, should have had before making a claim generally, and submit for the review.

Adjust for DTC separately.

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I agree! I thought I had the supporting docs at filing time but now upon secondary review, they are weak.

Do I need to wait until their review is completed and reassessment issued before adjusting for DTC?

Use the case or reference number and just add a letter asking them to remove the claim. You don’t have to wait until the review is completed.

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Depending on the officer at CRA, they will (sometimes) do both for you. Ask to remove the claim in question and request the DTC adjustment at the same time…if already approved the officer MAY do it. More likely they’ll send it to T1 adjustments and have them do both.

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Thank you all for your replies. Is it appropriate to include a T1-ADJ with the letter / case reference number? Or is it best to send that separately? I don’t want to add to the confusion.

I have had one, maybe two, reviews where adjustments were required. During my phone discussion with the auditor, the auditors told me to submit the adjustments using Submit Documents and they would look after doing the adjustment. So I think it’s fine to submit the adjustment with the review documents if they are related to that review.

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