Staycation credit

How to give staycation credit to anyone in personal tax return for Ontario

It’s on other provincial credits on the last line of page 8 of the jacket before it totals taxes paid.

Is it possible to take a staycation? I thought it was based on Hotel and similar accommodations.

If Zogina means is it a credit for everybody in Ontario then no you can’t to that. There does have to be hotel costs etc that you get a credit of 20% up to whatever the limit is.

It is. You need to have the resorts invoice showing the dates, charges and HST

I had a client request that I print out the details of their Staycation Tax Credit claim because they didn’t see where the amount shows up on their tax return.

I opened up their tax returns, went to the “credits” worksheet where all the particulars regarding the Staycation Tax Credit are entered, printed that 5 page form (titled Details of Various Credit Amounts) and went to hand it to the client.

To my dismay I discovered the section for “Ontario Staycation Tax Credit”, although very visible on the computer screen is completely missing from the printed version of that form. I guess what you see is not what you get. :wink:

Anyway, I told the client that even though the software is unable to print the details that I entered in the worksheet I did make the claim for her. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank goodness this is only a single year claim…

It’s a good thing Greta Thunberg doesn’t know about us printing this “Other credits” schedule. What a waste of paper.


Somebody forgot to check whether it printed or not. :slight_smile:
but it shows up on ON479.
Would be nice if we can see the details.

They’re actually going to do it for '23 too I believe…

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What if a taxpayer used their credit card points for the hotel during their Staycation?
The invoice shows the hotel name, dates, taxes, etc.

However, I can see points were redeemed and the amount paid was $0.00 at the bottom of the invoice.