Software to track Stock Transactions

I have several taxpayers who do routinely investments in stocks / shares. At times, the monthly statement runs into several pages.

We have been tracking the ACB, etc. on Excel spreadsheet, but it becomes very cumbersome and at times error-prone. The software Quicken was recommended but I am told that this is discontinued. Any other recommendations, please?


Artiffex does this really well

You need to do a cost\benefit analysis and may need to revisit the price you are charging the client to handle this pain point for them




I ask my clients to request an annual gains summary. Some discount brokers cannot provide this.

Quicken is still available. I really like Tax Templates - they have a robust package of excel templates but you can purchase just the investment tracking. Also has foreign exchange and is updated weekly.

There is no software to compete with excel in any level. It just needs to be properly utilized.


Tax Templates is amazing, but you have to manually populate

Artiffex can be connected to the brokerage account – can save a lot of time

Will definitely depend on volume of work needed




ShareSight has been on our radar, but we have not used it yet.

Stock Portfolio Tracker | Sharesight Canada

I have used Quicken in the past and liked it.