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SlipMatch Machine Learning - T3's

I’m intrigued by the “Machine Learning” part of the name in this recent feature. How does this learning process work? Does it learn from our computers and get smarter as we make corrections and adjustments, or is it just a database of slips somewhere in TaxCycle?

Case in Point…

The CIBC peddles a fee based passively managed group of Mutual Funds under the name CIBC Wealth Management or CIBC Trust to many of its regular banking customers. The T3 slips are easily recognizable as they are normally on legal sized paper and have I.M.A. Fees in bold lettering in the Footnotes. The funds in these pools are almost all prefixed with the word “imperial”

Imperial Canadian Bond Pool
Imperial International Bond Pool
Imperial Canadian Dividend Income Pool
Inperial US Equity Pool

etc etc etc

SlipMatch isn’t quite certain what these are and suggest they are Maybe London Life

I’m just wondering If I keep correcting TaxCycle by telling it these are CIBC Trust will the software eventually Machine Learn them to be CIBC Trust and not London Life… or is this something that is out of my control?

Not a big deal… just wondering how machine learning works. :grinning:

The way I have seen it working, I have matched a few of the ‘slips’, and then the rest will follow along and all fall into place…

Have not yet quite figured out how…

My CIBC trust one thought that they would be london life as well but matched it to my CIBC slip?

Curious as well.

Maybe it is a secret.

For the next tax season it would be nice to have an Alias or multiple choice option on the slips name field.

This would be a nice to have icing on an already fabulous cake.

Love all the changes.

Have a small request to number the AFR slips in the new expanded view, especially the T3 and T5008 slips on the Slips Summary Page and the S3 export page. This would help in ACB matching.

Next tax season I would to see a webinar on the slips export features and the updated ACB import.