Senior Move from Alberta to Manitoba

I have a new senior client, retired, who moved in September/2020 from Alberta to Manitoba. The two things I see immediately will be Climate Action Incentive and form 428. Do I file these according to dates moved and Tax Cycle picks up the adjustments? Any other areas to be concerned with a move between provinces?

Thank you

Hi, Tom …

I’m in Manitoba, so the majority of my returns are for Manitoba with the odd return for other provinces.

Since your client moved to Manitoba in September, he was a Manitoba resident on December 31, 2020. As such, you need to process his return as if he was a Manitoba resident for the entire year. Thus, you won’t be using the AB428 form, but instead the MB428 for provincial taxes.
As well, you will use the MB479 to claim Manitoba Credits (which includes claiming up to a $700 rent credit, and a rebate on Property Taxes for seniors).

The Climate Action Incentive is offered in both provinces, however Manitoba offers only $360 per single adult compared to Alberta’s $490

The one thing to note is that Manitoba’s tax base is a lot higher than Alberta’s, so this may be a shock to your client. For example, I’m just finalizing a return right now for a Manitoba client. Currently, he owes 56, but if he lived in Alberta, he would receive a refund of (916) … Huge difference!

If you need any assistance filing for Manitoba, send me a private message and I’ll help you resolve your issues.

Thank you Gerry, Appreciate the input and offer. I shall keep in touch.