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Second Review Mark

Just a small possible change for next year. I find when using the second review mark on the Slips page that it is difficult to see the green on green. Maybe we could be given a choice of colors for the first and second review marks? I’m getting cranky in late-April and it obviously it doesn’t take much to send me over.

Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime, did you know that you could change the color of the forms for the taxpayer, as well as the spouse? Go to the T1 folder in your options :

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Stephanie. Yes, I’m aware of the forms colour change. I guess I’ve used the same colours for husband and wife for some time and have gotten used to those form colours. I’d rather be able to change the check mark colour. Not a big issue.

I hear you and remember what April feels like in an accounting office… I added it on the suggestion list for next year.


What colour do you want? Just red maybe? That would stand out against all the backgrounds.

Sure, red would be good. Just something “contrasty” enough.