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S216 returns --where do they display

S216 returns will print, but it seems they do not display for review\over ride etc…or at least I could not find the “216 jacket” until after I printed to pdf

Have not done a S216, but have completed a few S217. They do not actually display as such, but do print properly.

In that vein, many non-residents, in addition to having to file a S217 have to complete an ‘OAS return’. Would be helpful if the program could print those as well.

The S216 return is called the T1159 Income Tax Return for Electing under Section 216. Since it printed for you, you did have the return set up properly. For searching you would have had to use any of the words in the title above.
In the Prepare tab on the left, the T1159 would have taken the place of the T1 General in the list of forms under Federal jacket and schedules.

If there is enough of a need for the OAS return, we can look into adding it in the future.