Remote Access

We are in the process of switching to Tax Cycle.

One thing we are hoping to gain is to allow the staff to have the licensed tax cycle on their laptop and through a VPN can access the tax files on our server.

At this point we have not setup the VPN or the remote access system. One of the options is to just use our existing Windows 2008.2 server addition to mange the access.

Has anyone tried to setup the configuration? Any thoughts on the performance? Issues with TaxCycle? Any thing special to to with Win 8 server?



We are using Windows 2008 R2 as our RDS with thin clients for workstations in the office and the built in remote access when away from the office.

The difference in our system from what you have described is that TaxCycle is only installed on out RDS, not on any of the computers accessing the system. This way we only have update one copy, and are certain everyone is on the same version.

We have no issues with the performance of TaxCycle in or out of the office with this system.

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I use TaxCycle via VPN when I work from home. The internet speed will be your bottleneck, but I haven’t had any specific problem with TaxCycle.