Not super important but could we add RC193 to the forms module? I think I will be using it a lot.

I have added this suggestion to our tracker.

Anyone else looking to have this form added … let me know. If there is enough interest I can get it added to the development queue.

LOL- I could use this about a hundred times a day…(kidding…not kidding?).

Yes, please. Sadly, it’s becoming way too necessary.

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Date 2022-10-20 9:38:33 AM
Subject [protaxcommunity.com] [Suggestions] Rc193


Anyone can help me to set up a CO-17 NetFile or how can I get the Access Code. I already have an EFile Number but when I tried to Efile CO-17(Quebec Tax) it asked for the NetFile Access Code.


There are a couple of other topics that address this:

Thanks for the quick response - adding this to the development queue :smile:

Yes please, I’d love to use this more often.

Yes to the RC193. It has become so needed, and therefore used so much, that it is now taking forever. Having it in the software would be very handy. Thanks.

Add me to the list that would be interested

I would like this added too please

Jennifer Lewington

It certainly would be very helpful - Klaus Theyer Exact Tax Service