Problems with death of a taxpayer

I think I have a problem! The wife of my client died on December 31, 2018. I have put that date in her file and the husband’s file changes to widowed, but the deceased’s file does not change from married. I filled in the date of change and chose married as the former marital status. Is this a problem or is normal?

In the year of death I always leave them as “married”. Technically that’s not correct because the return asks for marital status at Dec 31. However, you have to show as married/common-law on the final return to have things like the pension splitting calculate properly.

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Hi Kevin

I think you are sending these answers to wrong email. I questioned as to where I find form to enter disposition of rental property sales ( not personal ) I have been thru every form and cannot find it

Bev Reis

Sorry, @breis, but I just replied to the comment by @john4. I haven’t emailed anything to anyone so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Maybe you’re just getting a copy of replies to this post?

Hi John:

Would you know answer to my question " Where do I find disposition of rental property" client has sold income home and I have looked everywhere and cannot find form to enter this information. Assumed it would be under The actual rental home in assets.

Bev Reis

I set up the asset in Tax Cycle at the purchase price along with any capital improvements, etc. I entered approximate purchase dates and when reminded by the program that you can only use dates from the current year, I did an override. Then I added a disposal line in the same asset, marked it as all of asset disposed and got the results I was looking for.

Thank you for answering my query