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Principal Residence Designation for a Deceased Individual


TaxCycle has the T2091 Principal Residence Designation form but I can’t find the T1255 Principal Residence Designation for a Deceased Individual. Is this form missing in TaxCycle or am I looking in the wrong place?


We presently don’t have this form in any of our module’s. We have it on our list as a form for potential inclusion to TaxCycle if we continue to hear multiple requests for it’s inclusion.

~ Rob


OK. My biggest concern was that if it was in the program, I needed help finding it. Filling in the T2091 and manually transferring the information to the T1255 is a workaround for paper filed returns but can be time consuming.
I put in my vote to include the T1255 as soon as you can, especially for efile eligible returns.


if it is a form required to efile, it should be there regardless of the requests for the said form.


I vote for the request to have this form added


Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback asking for inclusion of the T1255, the form has been added in to the T1 module - look for it in our next release.

~ Rob