Planning T2's

Occasionally we do a T2 for planning purposes (i.e. to see the tax effect of certain transactions). I would like to be able to designate these T2 as planning, similar to what is done for T1’s. Is this something that could be implemented?

Seems to me that a large part of the planning T1 is the import of the previous year income/deductions. This would not apply to the T2, as the income would likely be imported via GIFI.

Thus, a simple ‘planning’ designation would do the trick, seems to me…

True but sometimes there are corporate transactions that we plan for such as business sales and we generate a T2 for planning purposes. It would be nice to use the client manger to be able to distinguish the planning ones from the filing ones, as we can with the T1’s.

I think what Bert is saying is to add the planning designation in T2 as we have in T1… that designation filters through to the client manager, so you could distinguish planning from real returns.


If there is a place to designate a T2 as planning that filters to the client manager, then it would be be easy to filter the returns. In our office the person preparing the returns is often not the person e-filing them. It would be easy for them to miss the planning designation on a return name and file the wrong one. If they could set client manager to ignore planning returns then we would be assured that only the real return gets filed. If this is already an option please let me know how to set it as i have not found it.

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I agree with Richard i was also looking for a planning button so in client manager it is clear what the planning file is and what the real file is.

If there is a button please let me know as I have not found it either.