Organizing the Outline

We REALLY need better behaviour of the outline when moving documents into sequence.

Dragging and dropping does not result in expected behaviour. Sometimes it moves the item where you want, other times it just messes things up.

And, today, after organizing things, I had to close the file and re-open it to get the outline to refresh.

It would be nice if we could highlight an item and then hold ctrl and use an arrow key to move the item up or down. For me, I know that would be the easier way.

(Note: if it makes a difference, we are using TS mode - render mode 0, according to the splash screen.)

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Thanks for the feedback… A few of us spent the day looking at this issue and we think we may have discovered what is occasionally causing the document outline to get messed up. Based on our analysis of the code, it looks like a problem that happens much more often when you are running in a terminal services environment.

We should have a new build with the changes in a day or two… give that a try first and then we’ll look at some alternate UI… using the keyboard as you are suggesting.


~ Cameron