NR6 Application, NR4, Section 216 Return suggestions

I have noticed that, even though the Forms module has the NR6 Application, it requires that the form have the current year. However, for ongoing clients, you must always file the NR6 application before the year starts.

Last year was the first year I used Taxcycle to handle Section 216 returns, so I suddenly was able to handle everything within the same software package. But I also had problems.

Problem 1: For a Resident Agent and Non-Resident Landlord, the NR6 application must be filed before the first day of the year. So, during 2017, you must file a 2018 NR6 application. But the default for the NR6 application is only the current year. To correctly place the next year, you have to over-ride the year.

Suggestion 1: Have the year on the top of the form be either the current year or the next year. Perhaps using a Drop Down Menu or other mechanism.

Problem 2: For an NR6 application, he names on the info screen do not transfer to the NR6 application, nor does the NR Account Number. And the NR Account Number on the NR6 application needs to be over-ridden.

Suggestion 2: Have the Person 1 on the Info Screen transfer to the Section 1 of the NR6 application. Have the Person 2 on the Info Screen Transfer to the Section 4 of the NR6 Application. Have the NR Account Number for Person 2 transfer to the NR Account on Section 4 of the NR6 Application.

Problem 3: For an NR6 application, there will always be an NR4 slip. There may be multiple NR6 applications which produce one NR4 return.

Suggestion 3: Would there be some way to hot link (or slip-sync) the NR6 to an associated NR4 return? Creating the NR4 return if it does not already exist? Creating the slip if it does not already exist. The year of the NR4 return would have to be based on the year of the NR6 application.

Problem 4: For every NR4 slip with an Income Code of 13, there will be an associated Section 216 return.

Suggestion 4: Could the link between the NR4 slip transfer to the Rental Schedule? Or link to open the Section 216 return? Could the tax withheld on the NR4 slip transfer to the tax withheld on the Section 216 return?

Problem 5: The associated NR4 return with NR4 slip does not show up in the Client Manager under the taxpayer.

Suggestion 5: Index the NR4 slips as well so that the NR4 return shows under the taxpayer as well as the agent.

Of these, Suggestion 1 is Important, while the others are nice. Part of the issue for me is that I have picked up a few of these clients so I would appreciate the cross linking. Otherwise, I will pull up multiple instances of TaxCycle across my four screens ( :grin: ) and watch that I don’t make a mistake.

And I will need Suggestion 1 before December. :wink:

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Thank you for the great suggestions, I will have our development team review them for implementation.

~ Rob

Shall I follow up in two weeks to know the results of the review? Or would one week be sufficient for the review?

Hi Tim,

Already have our developers working on suggestions 1 -3 and 5, look for them in an upcoming release. Suggestion 4 could take more time and be be something that we do down the road.

~ Rob

Oh wow! You guys are fast. Thanks!

I can well understand that Suggestion 4 would be difficult. It (almost) is
a redesign of the rental schedule to add the NR4 slip.

Could I know the results now of the review by the development team please?

As mentioned in last post, we are completing suggestions 1-3 and have decided to look at suggestion 5 in a future year. The first three suggestions will be available in our next release.

~ Rob

Sorry, I put a time delayed email reply a week ago and forgot to delete it when you replied earlier.