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NR4 Slips

It does not seem obvious to me how to complete NR4 slips in TaxCycle and the information in Support is quite incomplete.

Please help

In the T3 module?

We go that far. And the documentation in support says “Answer NO in the Resident of Canada column on the Beneficiary worksheet on the T3 Ben” After that the instructions end.

Then the NR4 section appears, but there is no section for rental income or tax withheld and all the boxes are blue so would need to be overridden.

We’re obviously missing something.

On the beneficiary information screen make sure you mark No in resident of Canada;
Go to the S9WS in worksheets; answer question one about expenses and change question 2 to none taxes in trust( or select appropriate answer)
Go to the S9 and the allocation should be in column 2 for non resident now; rental is in other income given code 11 Estate and trust income

now go to the T3ben for the individual and scroll down to the NR4 income and tax section you will see the withholding tax rate box yellow;

Enter the rate and it will calculate the tax withheld and it will show on the slip now and show on the summary;

hope you can follow my steps since I keyed them very quickly.


NR4 slips in T3 module will only allow you to issue income type code of 11 (trust income). So, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the T3 module to prepare NR4 slips and summary for rental income paid to non-residents.

We are planning to add an NR4 slip and summary standalone module next year but unfortunately not for this year.