Non Resident Spousal Tax Credit for a person on work Permit in Canada

A Long Haul Truck Driver is on work Permit, work 6 days in a week in BC Canada.
His Family members ( Spouse, Two Kids, 8 and 5 Years) are not living with him ( are in Other Country - No Canadian Status).
He fully Support his spouse and kids for all expenses and send every month some amount to them (They are fully dependent on him).

  1. Does he can claim Spousal credit $12,409 ?
  2. Does he can claim all school tuition fee paid for his kids?
  3. Does he can claim any benefit for the amount he sends to his spouse for daily living expenses.

He can claim the spousal amount, he can’t claim the school neither the money sent to the wife, tell him to keep the receipts of the money orders sent to her CRA might ask for some, check it there is a tax treaty with that country, there are some rules in which he will not be able to claim things like the WITB and federal and provincial benefits like the HST/GST credits, in order for him to claim the kids they have to live in Canada with him. Be careful because I specialize in non residents and there has been a lot of let’s say frauds or tax returns prepared incorrectly and CRA is now very cautious reviewing their taxes and is asking for documents to support the claims, you might want to ask him to sign an authorization to be his Rep in case he needs to answer any questions from CRA, I have them for most of my clients because also they don’t speak English

Thank You, Maria
Yes, Last Year CRA asked to present money sent to her wife, and may ask this year too.

I got his authorization for rep.

Thank you once again, Maria.