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New pricing

Has anyone noticed the savings of up to $200 on the tax suite being advertised now.

What I don’t understand is why would we need to pay for it now before July 15th 2019 when my subscription expires in December 2019 to take advantage of this.

Therefore we are paying 6 months from Aug 1 - Dec 2019 at the higher price that I paid from the previous year. Even if I go on the 12-month subscription it is still an increase that I’ll be paying from August 2019 to December month to month.

It kind of does not make sense as we are prepaying six months in advance at a higher rate which I think is unfair to us in some respect. They should provide this discount for us to sign up now however the new price should not be effective until January 1st 2020 because normally subscriptions that end in December they would ask you to renew sometime in October or November for the upcoming year not six months in advance at the higher price. I do not see why we would need to be paying the higher price now when we’ve already paid until December 2019.

Whatever you’ve paid last year up to December 2019 is really not the price you’re paying because now you’re paying for another 6 months in 2019 a higher price which again I think it’s misrepresentation or unfair.

It’s a great program and the service is spot on, but that has already been built into the price that we paid last year

Does anyone else feel the same way or have any comments thanks

I do not see how it is unfair or a misrepresentation. You are buying 2019 software and extending the license on your other years to Dec 31, 2020. If you don’t buy it now you still have access to the 2018 and earlier software until Dec 31, 2019 but can’t access the 2019 software until you pay for it. If you decide to buy the 2019 software early then you get $200 off the price. The 2019 price has nothing to do with the cost of the 2018 software. I can see your argument that you should be able to buy at the discounted rate until late fall possibly even December 31st but that is not unfair or a misrepresentation. It is simply the business decision of TaxCycle. I personally would buy at the discounted rate as soon as it is available even if they extended the discounted price until December 31st or even into January or February simply because I have the cash in June and I want access to the 2019 software for tax projections as early as possible.

Why would we not have access to the 2019 software now till Dec 2019 as we use it now in 2019.

What I’m saying is that if I am buying the 2020 software since the ad says good until Dec 2020, why would I have to pay for the discounted 2020 price now 6 months early starting in July 2019 at the 2020
discounted pricing?

Any comments?


@slim; @laurie
Paying “now” doesn’t give you access to anything “extra”. The “2019 T1” capability won’t be available until Feb 2020, no matter when you pay for your subscription. Paying now helps TaxCycle prepare their budget forecasts for next year, so they are willing to give us a discount. They have been doing this for a few years at least. I always take advantage of it. But, it’s completely up to you.

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You do have access to all of the modules EXCEPT T1 with the updated tables because they are not available, which does not get approved by CRA until Nov, Dec and sometimes Jan of the next year.

I have never purchased the early pricing and have been able to us T2 and other modules until the end of the year. This early pricing is for the next year which includes the 2019 T1 pricing which is not normally used until Feb, Mar & April of 2020

For those who want to wait until Feb 2020 to purchase the T1 software go right ahead and pay the full price.

Certainly no one is forcing anyone to buy it now. Personally I would rather pay the discounted price now and save myself $70. Like Nezzer I always take advantage of it. For some reason it seems better in my pocket than theirs!

What I don’t get is that if I wait until Jan 2020 to buy it would be 1,400 for example but if buy now its 1200.
and in last yr I paid 1100 in Jan 2019 for Jan - Dec 2019.

But you’re not saving 200 because I pay in advance, therefore look at the timing of the cashflow.

Dec 2018 paid 1,100 for Jan - Dec 2019

Now pay again 1,200 in July 2019 for Jan - Dec 2020 so in 12 months paid 2,300 because 6 month is prepaid.

Whats up with that.

I prefer to have early access to all new capabilities and training. Many like the monthly payment plan. If you prefer to pay in full later that may suit you better.

Yes, if you consider the time value of money, and if you could invest your $1,200 somewhere for that six month, you might be better off waiting until Jan 2020. But, for me, that $1,200 won’t be earning interest anywhere, so I might as well get the discount.

Last year, I paid the discounted price of $1,320 for 2 licenses, and now I see it has gone up to $1,420 (for 2 licenses). But, if I wait until after July 15, that price will be $1,520 (this is the “Tax Basics” package, which is $1,195 for one user; $1,095 with the current discount). So, I save $100.

Note that the $200 discount applies only to the complete ($1,925) package.

@slim “What’s up with that?” is that the price has increased. Just like gas, groceries, etc.
And make sure you are pricing for the EXACT same package that you paid for last year.

Then, save yourself $200 by paying early and get continuous access to all updates, or wait and don’t save the money and get the updates only after you pay.
End of story.

@slim - 2019 software has not been written yet. You use 2018 software in 2019… Government doesn’t even know what tax rates for 21019 will be yet…