Landed Immigrant son is an international student

A new client who is Landed Immigrant and has a son at University as an international student. Is there a tuition claim she can make? She mentioned a $5,000 deduction annually to a maximum of $20K. Also where can I look for information on doing his return?

Thank you

I would think you can claim whatever slips you have from the university and CRA.

I think that the original poster is referring to the tuition transfer from student to parent. The parent is a landed immigrant. Is the student also a landed immigrant?

From my understanding the son is not a landed immigrant, thus is an international student.

For the tuition to be transferred to the parent, the student will need to file a tax return including Schedule 11.

More information is available Are you an international student studying in Canada -

Thank you very much for your assistance. I will review the info, I may have bookmarked it already, and contact my clients.

Not all international tuition can be claimed on a Canadian return. The educational institution needs to be on this websites’ international link.

List of designated educational institutions -