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AuthRep Electronic Signature

I’m seeing conflicting information on this. Can the AuthRep form be e-signed through docusign or is it only the T183?

I just phoned CRA and was told electronic signatures are acceptable on form AUT-01.

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All forms can be signed via DocuSign.


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Here are the T1 form TaxCycle has said will be integrated with docusign. I am not seeing the 2091/1255 or the T1032 though.
2019 T1:

  • AuthRep signature page (formerly T1013)
  • T183 Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual’s Income Tax and Benefit Return in 2019 T1 (both the filing and PAD signature fields)
  • T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement
  • TP-1000 Online Filing of the Personal Income Tax return by an Accredited Person (Québec)
  • Engagement letter (ELetter)

They all CAN be signed using DocuSign, but they are not yet accepted by CRA with the exception of T183 and AUTH
One can assume that full deployment of e-Signatures is on the horizon, but not yet

The OP asked about T183 and Auth Rep. I responded that all forms, meaning all forms the OP mentioned where able to be e-signed. No intent to say all CRA forms are yet approved if that is how my comment is being interpreted.

However, given the present circumstances, I do expect that e-signatures will eventually be the norm and approved policy soon