Integration with (Like dropbox but CDN)

I think there is network integration with drop box or some other type of network drive. I have recently started using and I am trying to sort out if that is something TaxCycle can work with. Sync is 100% based in Canada.

I am also wondering if anyone used Dropbox. OneDrive etc and what their experience was. I am especially interested in usage with multiple staff members.


Hey Michelle,

I use Dropbox and have been for a number of years…I like it. Only one downside it’s not Canadian.

Yes I have Google Drive, Sync, OneDrive, use them at times. But I’m so into the ease of using Dropbox that I can’t move to for example.

TaxCycle integrates with e-Courier and I love it for the secure way to send files to and from my Clients. I have used e-Courier prior to it’s integration TaxCycle yes it’s great & easy to use.

Also if your Clients want to send you files you can provide a link for the upload to e-Courier. Great feature.