Increase in tax cycle fee

My renewal email got placed in the Gmail Promotions folder, so I almost missed it. You might want to check there, or in your SPAM folder.

My renewal (for the T1 module only) shows an expiry date of Sept. 16, 2022.

Hi Elizabeth, I know it is not your department, but I haven’t received a renewal notification. Do you know if all notifications have been sent out?

Thank you

Like last year, the sale switches over in mid-September to pre-season pricing. Your renewal quote will show how long it is valid.

If you haven’t completed paying a prior payment plan, you wouldn’t have received a quote yesterday. This doesn’t stop you from purchasing now, of course.

We held off on sending them to anyone who had an outstanding payment plan last year. You can sign into our TaxCycle account and look for quotes in that menu and see it there even if you didn’t get an email yet.

If this happens to you, could you please drag it into your primary inbox in Gmail. We work really hard to make our emails land where they should, but Google learns by what users are doing as well, so it help if you’re able to tell it that our emails are okay.

Maybe I’m dumb…but I don’t get it. My current price (2021) is $1,895 and includes:
Tax Basics $1,125
T3 395
DoxCycle 250
T3010 125
Total is $1,895

But I can get the “Paperless Tax Suite”, which includes all of the above, and more (that I don’t need), for $1,825?

Now my “renewal plan” still has 6 months to run…so what does that mean?
VERY confusing I’m sad to say.

Renewal Quote does not show how long it is valid. Or at least in the email version that I received.

Does not matter. I want to make the payment when I am in the new corporate year, which is before the date that you mentioned. So I will make a reminder to handle that then.

@SmallBizGuy Paperless Office does not include T3 or T3010. For the modules you are buying, you might want to consider the Complete Suite when you get a renewal quote. We do not send renewal quotes to customers on a payment plan if they still have a balance owing, so if you did not receive one, that would be why.

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Aw, crap…I used the wrong name…it was indeed the Complete Paperless Tax Suite I was looking at:

Still…I’d get more (which I don’t need) for…less (which I’d like)? How does that work?

Works as advertised. I would suggest if that is the cheapest way to purchase the modules you need then that is what you should do.

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Certainly looks like it. But the thing confusing me is that I’m on the pay-plan with 6 months remaining (so expires Dec/22 for software licensed to the same date). If I “add” now to get the pricing…do my payments double up? ie I add approx $150/mo NOW to my current $165/mo…although that monthy fee evaporates next June unless I re-up at that time…?

Maybe more a query for @Marc ?

@SmallBizGuy If you renew now, with a few payments remaining on the current payment plan, you would essentially be starting a second, overlapping payment plan and would have 2 payments until the first one is paid off. You would then essentially be shifting your renewal month to the summer sale and always get those savings in future years, but there would be some current year pain with 2 monthly payments for June through whatever month your current plan would be paid off.

OK - I can live with that, as, overall it saves money. Not sure why this was never mentioned to me in the past though. Really, it’s just a timing shuffle.

So do I just hit “add” now then to do that?

I see what happened with my case. I still owe $0.07 on my 2021 subscription. So next month there will be a 7 cent charge and THEN I should get my renewal notice.

I did not receive a renewal offer as I have two payments left on my plan July and August. For clarification, once those payments are processed and I renew, will the $1,825 rate still be available? Or do I have to order now to secure that rate. Another question @Marc or @Elizabeth I also renew TaxFolder usually in the Fall October/November period is there any rumblings that that product will increase or is the $595 good for 2023?

I just went to the main page and it looks like $595 hasn’t increased.

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@Elizabeth how long is the summer sale on till?