Importing T2125 auto schedule from excel

We are currently working with one of the templates that was shared in this community for importing the T2125 schedule into Taxcycle from excel but the auto schedule does not import. Has anyone found a solution/template that will work?

Create a new file and go the Motor Vehicle page.
On the Date tab - click on Excel Import which the gives you an option to create a Excel Template
I have uploaded my results.MotorVehicle Template.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Yes, I have done this but the problem is I cannot import my information back into the program (auto schedule only). The rest of the T2125 works, as well as the in home office section.

Just a reminder that you have to have the Motor Vehicle form open on your screen in order to import into it. i just tried it in 2018 and it worked for me. If you aren’t getting any errors and it still won’t import, then please call the support line so we can track down the problem.