How to Create a 2015 T5?

When I try to automatically create the T5 from the tax return it defaults to 2016. I had to manually create the T5 file so I could get it to be 2015… This was a new client so I don’t have any files to carry forward.

Is there a trick so next time I can save as an 2015 file type?


When you select T5 don’t click on New 2016 T5 Return - look a bit to the right and there is 2013 through 2015 available. Click 2015 and away you go!

To be more specific - click the green plus sign for a new client return

So tried that with a different client. Unfortunately I couldn’t see how that populates with the company info. Still had to create it manually.

I wanted to create a PRIOR year TSlip and have it populate withe the corporate info.


Sounds like a similar issue to this thread.

Would be nice to have the option when the fiscal year spans into two calendar years to create the return, or file of choice, in either calendar year of choice.

You could create the 2016 T5 file, save and close it, and then change the file extension to 2015T5.

Not a beautiful solution, but one that would work.

Is this a common scenario, or an occasional one?

~ Cameron

Cameron, you may recall me speaking to you of this before, in a slightly different scenario. When bringing clients into compliance we oftern do more than 2 years at a time, and so need to prepare prior year info slips.

That is why it would be nice to create a 2015 T4/T5 from a 2015 T2. The way it is now, 2015 T2 will automatically create a 2016 T4/T5.