Home Buyer's Plan - multiple years to file

I have a client I am filing 4 tax returns. He needs to contribute to the Home Buyers Plan each year. I was able to file Year #1 (oldest) fine but when I filed the next year immediately after then I got an e-file error 184 and 2252 which refers to the Home Buyers Plan not adding enough income to his tax return. I allocated 1/15 each year. Is this not correct? Should I be applying more than 1/15? Or could this issue be something to do with the fact that I am trying to file several years together so the HPB hasn’t been updated yet? I’m not sure how to fix the problem so I can e-file the rest of his returns.

File each year in order after previous is assessed.

Thanks! I’ll try.

I have same type of issue, the last tax return was filed for 2018, and now she is filing for 2019 and 2020 is still pending?
how to resolve this issue?

Likely just patience.

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