I am having problems getting the GST370 to pick up the GST on vehicle CCA from the automotive worksheet. Has anyone figured out the trick to this?

Not sure, but…

do you have the sales tax rate on the top of chart 3 - on the Motor Vehicle schedule?

On T777WS there is a question at the top to answer.

Yes, I have the rate on section 3. And the CCA shows up in the column that says GST applies.

This is for a T2042 so T777WS is not applicable (and changing the answer there to yes has no effect - I tried just in case).

@Matthew, on the T2042 section for 'CCA on other assets used for the business, do you have completed the box on the far right ‘GST/HST rebate’?

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Thanks @BertMulderCGA. That will work, but it is cumbersome. The farm is a partnership, the vehicle is owned by the partnership. Ideally one would be able to use the Auto schedule and set it there to claim the GST on the CCA.

Instead, it seems that I have to claim the auto expenses and the CCA at the partner level to get the rebate to work. Am I missing something?

If the vehicle is owned by the partnership, the ITC on the vehicle purchase should have been claimed on the GST return for the farm…

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Right you are. Got myself twisted bout.