Global default font settings

I can’t find anything in the website documentation or here in the community to answer my question… is there a spot to set a global font setting for the templates??

I want to make a change to the font style, but don’t want to have to change each template individually.

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Unfortunately, @mel there isn’t such a settings. One for us to consider though…

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The above reply to this post is from over two years ago. We are new to TaxCycle and wonder if this has changed. Everything is in Times New Roman, which we never use, and while editing the templates, even once we change the font by selecting all, we still get stuck with Times New Roman when we place the cursor in certain stops (beginning of line etc.). Is there now a place to change the default font settings for templates?

What I do is press Ctrl-A to select all text and then change the font to something else.

Unfortunately, the template editor doesn’t work like a word processing program.