Fixed form window size

Is there some way to have TaxCycle open forms and windows in a fixed size rather than screen width or screen height? like 120% for example? The way it is now each form opens to screen width which is much too large

Harlen Wiebe

You are looking for something different than the little Zoom slider located in the very bottom right hand corner of the screen? I have mine set for 150% and it seems to work well for me.

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I set that zoom slider to 120% when I open TaxCycle but if I close and later reopen TaxCycle the form window opens to maximum width and I have to reset it to 120% again.

I’m not sure if or where the setting is, but whenever I open TaxCycle it opens to whatever the Zoom percentage was when I last closed it. I only ever need to adjust the zoom level whenever I install an update.

Once adjusted mine remembers until the next update. It would be nice if that setting was saved so that it doesn’t have to be reset after each update.

the TaxCycle window settings (window size about 3/4 of the screen, 120% zoom, side bar on the left side of the window) have finally all stayed in place until the update today and now all these settings go back to the default. Why does this happen after an update? Is there no way for these settings to be saved somewhere?

@harlen - This is an annoying quirk of the windows service that we use to store the window position. We are looking to migrate away from this as we move most of the settings we store there into the Options Profile. The few settings that remain outside the options profile (like the window size), we’re going to store somewhere else.


Thanks for explaining that Cameron.