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Family Tax Cut - need to override

I get a warning message for all coupled returns who do not qualify for the FTC which I have to override.
Here’s the message:
"No Family Tax Cut is calculated in the case where the taxpayer is not eligible"
I know they’re not eligible and I’ve chosen “NO” for both, yet, I’m getting a yellow box on both returns under “Column 1 You”

Anyone else…Thanks!

You do know that you can turn the message off so it does not bother you.

lol…no, didn’t see this possibility anywhere! New to Tax Cycle and learning on the fly.

Under Options | T1 | Review you can turn off messages you don’t find helpful.

We had lots of calls last year about the family tax cut, so we added the message. Once you’re familiar with the rules, the message is not as useful so you can turn it off.


~ Cameron

@Cameron has you covered with the details to turn off the message.

That is why they pay him the big bucks