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Educational Field Study

I have a student who paid $500 for an Educational field study trip. I could not find any information on the CRA site and P105 Pamphlet. Is this something that could be claimed as a tuition fee?
He has an official receipt from a known college.

It needs to be part of a T2202 to be used for tax purposes.

Do you mean that T2202 must include this amount and not an official receipt?

To be eligible for a tax credit, a post secondary excursion [educational field trip], would have to qualify for the T2202 and therefore be included therein.

A separate receipt does not get a credit but might be claimable against a research grant.

Only the amounts shown on the T2200 are claimable as tuition. The receipt you have is good for one thing: lining the bottom of a bird cage.

If the student had related business income (on a T2125), the $500 could be deducted from it as a legitimate business expense. Otherwise, it is not tax deductible.

Iā€™m sure most of us know this, but to ensure @jmvca is not confused - T2202A slips are issued by educational institutions; a T2200 is a statement from an employer declaring that they require a certain employee to pay various expenses out of their own pocket, which then allows the employee to claim those expenses on a T777. I think @alcotaxprep just made a typo.

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Thanks Nezzer. I am sure it was a typo mistake the T2200 and I am aware for the difference.