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ECE and new class 14.1

notice that on the Schedule 10, the ECE balance is transferred to the new CCA class 14.1

However, this amount is NOT carried automatically to the Schedule 8…


Here is some information about how the new class 14.1 works in TaxCycle: (Look for class 14.1)

When the tax year straddles Dec 31, 2016 (ie. April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017) and S10WS has an opening balance, you will see a review message in S10WS attached to a transfer-out field ("CEC balance to transfer to new CCA class 14.1). When you hover over that message, you will see a QuickFix “Transfer to S8”. When you click on that QuickFix, TaxCycle will automatically create class 14.1 and transfer the balance from S10WS to S8. Let me know if this isn’t working for you and we will look into this further.



Thanks @Steven, missed the last step in my test case. All is good!