CCA class 14.1-a vs 14.1-b

What is the difference between 14.1-a and 14.1-b? I can’t find anything in the online help identifying the difference.

There isn’t a difference; TaxCycle uses a,b,c,d etc as a method of separating assets that would otherwise be grouped in the same CCA class. For Class 14.1 I could see this being handy if a farmer held different types of quota (ie broiler chicken, pullet, egg, or turkey) and later down the road sold and/or replaced one type of quota with a different type of quota. Unlike the pre-2017 days, a farmer is no longer permitted to replace one type with another without calculating a gain on disposal.

Perhaps you have created 2 instances of class 14.1 in your Schedule 8.
If you toggle through your Asset Classes in the Asset Manager you might find that you have set up more than 1 instance of Class 14.1 Assets. TaxCycle automatically created Class 14.1a from the old Schedule 10. Perhaps you manually added another Class 14.1. If you were to delete the Class 14.1b record you would see that it no longer shows up in that list you attached in your post.


Aha. Thanks, Wayne!