Easy way to check RRSP Filings with CRA account?

A while back I did have some trouble trying to file an RRSP Receipt. It’s possible that it may have already been filed, but this is something I would like to check in to be sure.

I looked at my CRA login account, and I see that the government has done some changes to it recently. It looks like there is a bit more info there for us go through these days, which is a good thing.

I had hopped looking at RRSP slips there would be like how I was able to find my T4 slips in the past, etc. However, maybe I"m looking at the wrong spots. When I log in, there is a section devoted to my RRSP info, but it’s a little cryptic in that it just tells you the amount of RRSP gains/room, etc. And I suppose if I was really smart I could do some mathematical calculations in my head to figure out if they did or did not properly update my RRSP slips.

Maybe I’m just making this more complicated than is. I just want a simple way to match up the numbers on my iA Financial RRSP slips to what the CRA has registered on their end with my taxes for those particular years.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.

Not sure where the issue is…all the info is there.

“View RRSP details” (in the RRSP section)

In which you have:
2021 limit and calculation, followed by an unused contributions for 2021.

The last line is “Prior year RRSP contribution history” which has all the details of amounts forwarded/claimed etc.

You need to look at the slip information section (where you can see T4s etc). It will list the RRSP receipts CRA has on file, it seems to take longer than other slips to show up but the 2021 tax year should be there by now.

The RRSP info section will only show what was actually reported on the tax return. So if you suspect something is missing you will need to compare the receipts to the information section. People that file their own returns frequently mess this up.