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Donation to a non for profit - tax credit

A taxpayer has donated to two non-profit organizations (one in the US and another in Africa).

Neither are on the List of Charities - basic search on the CRA website.

From what I have read a taxpayer must donate to a registered charity and receive a receipt with a registration number to receive a tax credit for a portion of the donation.

Does this mean the taxpayer will not receive any tax credits for these particular donations?

That is correct, unless the taxpayer has income from the countries donated to…

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Countries with a treaty with Canada that addresses donation claims.

I get a number of US charity receipts from people with no US source income. In some cases, they meant to donate to the Canadian sister organization and landed on the wrong website donating US dollars instead of CN. :cry:

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Thank you for the responses they are greatly appreciated! Have a great day!

There is a list of the donations made by the Government of Canada.
If your donations are to any of those institutions, they are deductible. NOTE this list must be checked each year as only the annual donations of the government qualify - they drop in and out of many places each year.

Here’s the link to this year’s list: (

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