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Deceased SIN on living spouses return?

This actually happens? Maybe those who file these returns need to look for a new profession.

Help us improve our process of recording dates of death correctly

Dates of death on tax returns

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) noticed that tax preparers occasionally include a deceased person’s date of death on the living spouse’s tax return. This may result in the CRA mistakenly recording the living spouse as deceased.

This error can cause major financial and emotional consequences since it can stop all benefit payments to the living person. The benefits that would significantly affect them are the Canada child benefit, goods and services tax credit / harmonized sales tax credit, the Canada Pension Plan and old age security. Other benefits may also be affected.

Therefore, please make sure you include the date of death information only on the deceased person’s tax return.

Social insurance numbers (SIN) on legal documents

If you are a representative settling a deceased person’s estate, please make sure you clearly write the deceased person’s SIN on the will and the death certificate before you send these documents to the CRA. This will help ensure there are no delays in the CRA updating the appropriate records with the date of death information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Yah - I had the same reaction. Who is stupid enough to do that?

I did a tax return for the wife of a deceased taxpayer. I made sure I had the correct social insurance numbers on their tax returns. I transmitted the T1013 for the surviving wife and got a message back saying that she was deceased and CRA was awaiting documents. It took at least six months to get this corrected. CRA cancelled her CPP and Trillium payments. We still do not know how this got mixed up. We thought it was the funeral home with the CPP death benefit but they had a copy of the application and it was fine. Only explanation is that someone at CRA got it mixed up.