Data Mining

I’ve played a bit with the data mining. I’m doing some capacity planning and want to generate a list of information about when clients came in with their T1 information. The best way I have right now is to look at when their information was downloaded (through the Preparation section in the Tracking tab). When I right-click on this, I can copy a code for “istaskcompleted(“TaxDataDelivery”)”. What I’d like to get is the Date the data was delivered. Is there any way to get that piece of information?


In TaxCycle T1 or DoxCycle? DoxCycle might have a way of tracking that but TaxCycle wouldn’t unless you have a custom field where you typed it in. I get my info via Verifyle mostly and not DoxCycle and I save the message thread in my working file. I can’t call up a list of clients and when they sent their info but I can go and look at the threads for individual clients to check when they sent things. I do capacity planning by earliest date the return has ever been filed myself which I keep track of in my client management system.

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Thanks @laurie. I’m talking about TaxCycle T1. I don’t use DoxCycle. I’m sure I can find “close-enough” info in some other field but thought this field would be perfect. I just don’t see a way of accessing the date. Thanks for your suggestions, though.

Depends if the field populates with a yes no or date the first or last data download happened. If it’s in there there should be a way to run a custom report in the Client Manager somehow based on that field name.

This field is in the “Track” sidebar in the “Preparation” section. It’s just a checkbox so there is no way to access the date as far as I can see. The only data the program seems to allow is whether the data has been downloaded, not when it was downloaded.

What about a report based on CurrentClient.RepresentAClient.ID.ResultText field in the download AFR summary page? That might generate you a list of client names plus dates downloaded that you could then sort in excel.

Gotta love your persistence! I tried that and found that while there is a field name for the Client Name, there is no resulting field for the date it was downloaded.