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CPP calculation error

I just filed a batch of returns and got an alert on the eNOA more often than not. The following is a typical example: “We changed your total payable from $744.69 to $744.53 because of a calculation error.”

All of them relate to the self-employed CPP calculation but I can’t see where the difference is coming from.

Anyone else seeing this? I know it’s not a big difference, but I don’t love my clients seeing “calculation error” on my work.

I would like to see the file in question, or a few of these, to see where that difference is coming from. With all the lines added to Schedule 8 this year to handle the new enhanced portion of CPP/QPP, that portion now being a deduction while the base portion remains a non-refundable credit amount, I have been expecting rounding issues which what you mention above seems to point out. I would like to address this ASAP if possible, even if the amounts are only pennies.
If you are willing to send a file, I would suggest sending it through e-courier. If you don’t have e-courier, call or email our support line and we will provide you a link to use.

interesting. no issues here